About Charlotte

Hello, I’m Charlotte!

I’m a slightly sarcastic lass living just outside of Glasgow, which has been my home since I moved here from Manchester as a child. I’m currently spinning a fair few plates between my work as a digital marketer, my life online, my never-ending obsession with The Sims and my studies. This year, I’ve headed back to university to complete my MSc in Digital Marketing and I love it.

I’m a bit of a bookworm and I love a Netflix binge. I’ve watched House MD eight times and counting, and I’m attempting to eat my way around Glasgow too. I have a weird obsession with planes and airports, so if you ever want a recommendation for an airport documentary to watch I’m your girl.

I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade now, starting back when I was just fourteen years old. My love affair with blogging started in 2010 as a way for me to kickstart my career in the fashion industry and bolster my university applications. It didn’t quite work out as I planned, and I quickly realised that fashion wasn’t my cup of tea.

Blogging, however, definitely was my kind of thing, and so here we are today. I’ve watched this online world change in ways I could never imagine, and it’s been one hell of a journey so far.

By Charlotte Ann, the artist formerly known as Colours and Carousels, is a home for my musings on navigating life in my twenties. I talk a lot about the effects of growing up online, the realities of being self-employed and my never-ending hunt for balance.

I’m a bit of an oversharer and I’m not afraid to chat about my struggles with anxiety and depression or life with a chronic illness. I’ve shared my experiences with endometriosis, I’ve gone into too much detail about having alopecia and losing my hair at 21, I’m always discussing the impacts of stress and I like to pen a few pieces about social media, self-employment and mental health, too.

It’s not all super deep thought pieces, sometimes I like to just share what I’ve been up to or the books I’ve been reading alongside the things that make me smile and the places I love.

What can you expect from By Charlotte Ann?

For a taste of the action, here are some of my latest posts…